A maze of criss-crossing canals that make the lovely cityscape that the city is so well known for. Amsterdam had a lot of picturesque bridges. Many canals and waterways means a lot of bridges.

Amsterdam has more then 1200 bridges and each has its own story to tell. Some are historic, others romantic.

Take a picture: The Seven Bridges in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is the city of bridges and whether you’re standing on top or on boat below, they form a distinctive sight. During the day they are already beautiful, but at night some are even more beautiful.

The Seven Bridges are called one of the best spots for photographers. If you’re positioned just right you can grab a unique view of bridge after bridge, after bridge.

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Amsterdam by car: Parking in the City Centre

Go and see the seven bridges by boat. Park your car within walking distance from several tour operators. Parking Centrum Oosterdok is the cheapest parking in the city centre. Park your car for only € 25,- (vanaf 6 uur parkeren) a day.

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